Imagine a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  The colors of her wings are vibrant as they unfold for the first time and begin to flutter.  The butterfly cautiously prepares, tentatively holding on to the remains of her cocoon, her wings spread wide.  A gentle breeze passes over her.  Then suddenly to your surprise… the butterfly arduously folds her wings up behind her and uses her six legs to walk along the branch of her cocoon to the nearest tree limb.  She carefully navigates her way from limb to trunk and lets herself down to the ground where she begins to look for some leaves to eat.  Ridiculous, right?

I don’t know about you but there are times when I find myself living like this butterfly.

I have been enraptured by a love that is so deep and so vast it is incomprehensible to the human mind.  The God of the universe loved and cared about me so much that he made a way for me to be a part of his family.  It wasn’t because of anything special that I did.  In fact, I hated him when he chose to make me his.  And the cost to him wasn’t cheap.  He gave the life of his own flesh and blood… his own son, Jesus… so that I could be his daughter.  As his daughter, I am his forever!  He has not only given me heaven at the end of my life, he has given me his son as an example of how to live my life, and his spirit as my guide to navigate me through.  That is an incredible transformation from enemy to daughter!

And yet… am I living a life that reflects that transformation?  Or am I still living as though I were a caterpillar… constantly feeding the ravenous appetite of my flesh; walking along branches with my head down; carrying my wings as though they were a burden; creeping along the ground fearing the next footfall I hear might have my name on it!  Good LORD!  (..and He is Good!!!)  I’ve been given wings, for crying out loud!  I’ve been completely and miraculously transformed to “fly!”

So what does it mean to “fly” as a Christian?  It means we live differently than we did before we became children of God.  The price that was paid for us… Jesus dying on the cross for our sins… that gift has to make a difference in the way we live our life.  There should be a visible, real difference in the things we do, in how we talk, in how we relate to the world, in how we spend our time, in how we love both our God and others!  We are transformed… the rest of the world should see that transformation so there is no denying it!

It was His love that transformed me.  And that same transformational love is available to EVERYONE who is willing to accept it.  If those who don’t yet know that love, can’t see it in me, then why would they ever want it?  May all of us as believers know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have been forever changed by His love.  And may we live transformed lives so that others can know what we know and they too can be forever one of His dearly loved children.

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