I can only imagine that the Garden of Eden must have been a giant petting zoo. I just picture Adam showing Eve every animal and telling her their names. I also picture Eve wondering why on earth he named them the way he did. What an incredible time of coexistence between humans and animals. There was nothing to fear. They could bask in the sun with the lions, wrestle with the bears, cuddle with the sheep, and run with the ostriches. What an experience those two must have had!

I recently came across a short sentence from those early chapters of Genesis that could easily go unnoticed. “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” (3:21) This of course was after their sin. Their nakedness was the first sign that the perfect world they lived in had been compromised. Something was terribly wrong. They were ashamed to be in the presence of their Creator. The very God they walked with in the Garden they now hid from. They were separated and needed restoration. Even in their disobedience God provided for their needs. He made a way for them to be in His presence. He clothed them.

Adam and Eve received garments of skin. God killed one of His animals to “cover” the sin of man and woman. It was the first time blood was shed on account of our sin.

Imagine how it must have felt for Adam and Eve to see those garments for the first time. Surely they would have recognized the animal it came from. Surely it would have felt familiar to them, perhaps even still carried a scent that they recognized. Although we do not know what kind of animal it was, I imagine it to be a lamb. A young one perhaps. Innocent and perfect. Perhaps the very one that curled up next to them as they rested in the afternoon sunshine. Or the one that Adam carried around on his shoulders as they walked with the Lord. It had to be a devastating experience. Their one act of disobedience had changed everything for them and now…it had cost the life of one that they loved.

As we approach Good Friday I think we need to ask ourselves, “Do you recognize the skin you’re clothed in?” The truth is we are no different than Adam and Eve. We too have sinned. And our sin has caused a separation from God. But just as God provided for Adam and Eve He has provided for us too.

It was Jesus’ skin that the Father provided not only to us but to all of mankind. A garment of righteousness for us to wear. The cost of the garment was priceless… it cost Him the life of His very own Son. And through his death and resurrection, as believers in Christ, we are clothed in His perfection. When the Heavenly Father sees us, He sees the righteousness of His Son covering all of our sins. It is His skin of righteousness that makes us His children. Our relationship is restored. We are covered.

This is the time of year we get to be most cognizant of what He did for us and how great His love is. Don’t miss it. Don’t take on the skin of righteousness without first recognizing where it came from (our Heavenly Father) and from Who (His Son Jesus). And if you have never accepted that covering for your sins, it is yours! Jesus died and then came back to life defeating death so He could give it to you! Ask Him today to be your Savior and He will cover every sin that has ever separated you from God. And He will restore your relationship with His Father once and for all.

Thank you Father for loving us so much that even when we sinned against You, You made a Way to cover and restore us. That Way was the sacrifice of Your only Son Jesus. Thank you that kind of outrageous love. May I never forget it. May I daily recognize it is the skin of your precious Son who clothes me. I love you, Lord. Thank you Jesus for all you endured for me!


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  1. Susan Jones

    Beautiful post, Chris! How a perfect lamb would have been the covering for our sins – from the very beginning . . . what a beautiful picture you painted!

  2. alphagymrat

    Wow…that’s an amazing truth! I pray that I not only wear the precious skin of the Son…but that I live so that others SEE it !

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