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Unexpected Reactions

It was about 10:15 pm California time when the shuttle doors closed. Even at this hour, the traffic on the LAX arrival circle was bumper-to-bumper, with little movement except for the animated gestures of frustrated drivers. I needed no “Welcome to the Golden State” sign to know I was back in California. The vortex of stress that fueled the one-way traffic circle had already sucked me in. It was 1:15 am my time. My day

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Be Light and Love

It was a typical Saturday night in the dispatch center. An occasional domestic violence call or bar fight punctuated the bevy of loud party calls. I was working the primary radio channel. Due to short-staffing and my regular partner going home sick, my workmates were two police officers who earned some extra cash by working as part-time dispatchers. They manned the phones and the records checks on the secondary radio channel. They were capable of

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close up of female sparrow

Free as a Bird

As I came downstairs I thought I heard an unusual noise coming from the wood burning stove in my living room. I stopped to listen but when I didn’t hear anything more I continued into the kitchen to make some coffee. Another minute passed and I heard it again. Was there something outside, perhaps on the roof, that I was hearing through the stovepipe? I walked towards the stove. It was quiet again. I decided

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lab coat

Don’t Take My Word for It

Dr. Philbrick stood out amongst the throng of college students in the hallways of Building 5 not because of his stature, or because of a boisterous personality. Dr. Philbrick stood out because he was always donning a white lab coat. Now, if he was my biology, physiology, or chemistry professor that may not seem out of place, but he was one of my Psychology professors. To be fair, it was called Behavioral Science back then,

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The Gloves in Our Lives

(Originally posted October 24, 2012) I was a 17-year-old freshman in my first college class.  My 70-year-old professor walked purposefully but a bit hunched over.  His voice was gruff and raspy.  He spoke loudly and walked through the rows of desks as he lectured.  He was confrontational with his students but passionate about everything he taught.  It was the beginning of the second week when he handed back our first assignment. “Now some of you people have got to learn

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book pen and quill

What Would the Book about Your Life be About?

I’m making my way through the books written by the minor prophets in the Old Testament. I just recently finished the old familiar story of Jonah. Although I’ve read it before, there was one thing that stood out to me about this book that I hadn’t realized in previous reads. Jonah is the only book contained in the prophetic books that is more about the prophet than it is about the prophecy. Yes, we learn

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