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Working the Night Shift

For the majority of the six years that I was a police dispatcher I worked the graveyard shift.  This meant that I came in to work during the evening hours, worked throughout the night and then went home early the next morning.  I chose to work that shift not only because I’m a night owl and tend to have more energy at night, but also because it afforded me the opportunity to do other things

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Waiting Till the Until

God had brought the three of us together, Grace, Kim and I, for the summer quarter of our second year of seminary.  I don’t recall exactly how we met, I think it was a Spiritual Formation and Discipleship class.  Wherever it was, the three of us just clicked.  Kim was married, working in ministry and visiting from Arizona.  She was just on the main Southern California campus of our seminary for the summer.  Grace was

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Breaking Our Alabaster Jars

There are hardly words to describe it.  It comes in a sound, in a wave of emotion.  It carries the sensation of deep, instantaneous connection between strangers.  It travels at the speed of light from the lonesome seat in the back of an auditorium to center stage and back again.  It’s visceral both in its originator and in its receiver.  It’s that moment when one’s most precious possession is spilled out, completely exposed, vulnerable.  And

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Deflated or Still Standing

Every morning over the past month as I would pull out of my driveway I’d see Him – little baby Jesus standing on my front lawn.  No, it wasn’t a vision and no, I wasn’t sipping too much spiked eggnog.  It was my inflatable Christmas decoration.  Although I have put this decoration out every year for the past 5 years, I noticed something different about it this year.  During the daylight hours, when the multicolored

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Shall I Play for You?

When I was in the 6th grade we were offered the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. That meant, once a week we would be taken out of class for lessons with the local high school band teacher.  I was so excited!  I rushed home to share the good news with my parents.  I was definitely interested and I was hopeful that they would support this newfound passion of mine.  Naturally, their

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The Switch is Flipped

Do you remember how important it was to make the transition from tricycle to 2-wheeler?  That’s one of the earliest rites of passage in our lives and one that most of us  remember. I was about four when I began to show an interest in riding a 2-wheeler.  Our family’s custom was that when we turned six we could go down to the Schwinn bike shop and pick out our very first bike.  Although I

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