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Step by Step…Stride for Stride

I was a sophomore in high school when I began running Cross Country.  Before then I hadn’t even heard of it before.  It was my biology teacher who talked me into it.  He knew exactly how to convince me too… he told me it would get me in shape for basketball season.  Done.  Sign me up up, Coach! We had practice twice a day, before and after school.  I loved to run but I knew

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Four Simple Words

I anxiously waited for my name to be called.  I stood in line behind the other graduates hoping I wouldn’t trip as I crossed the stage.  I saw several of my fellow seminarians stop to shake his hand.  I wondered if they knew him well; if he knew them by name.  If they could do it, why couldn’t I?  At last it was my turn.  He called my name and I stuck my hand out

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My plan vs. His Plan

It was after the first day of class when it happened.  I was a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona.  She called me over by name.  “Oh my gosh,” I thought.  “She knows my name!  This is it!” “Chris, I’m looking for a Team Manager and I’m wondering if you’re interested.”  Coach May said, the winningest coach in NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball.  “You’d be at practice every day and on the bench every game.  You’d

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Need an ox?

“They want me to do what?  Are they kidding?  There’s no way!  How am I supposed to do that along with everything else I have going on!  They just don’t get it.  They just don’t respect what I do.” Have you ever been there?  Have you ever felt like someone was putting an undo burden on you and if they only knew how much you really did they wouldn’t dare ask you?  I was there

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I’m so glad we had this time together…

Several years ago I had the opportunity to see my all-time, most favorite comedienne, Carol Burnett, in a live “Q and A” type show on stage.  Okay… to be honest, I bought tickets for THREE of her live shows that were all going to occur within a few days of each other in my favorite part of the country – the New York City area.  I know, I know… a little “stalker-ish.”  But Carol was

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Let’s Push Some Buttons

She must have just dropped off her daughter at school.  She was at the corner with her toddler in a stroller.  As I waited for the light to change I saw this young mom loosen the straps holding her littlest one and lifting him out of the comfort of his little perch.  She held him on her hip and walked him to the light post, his tiny hand outstretched. She leaned over so he could

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